The Easiest Way of Blogging

With Jekyll for compiling and Incrontab for watching and triggering, Dropbox for syncing, an editor for writing, Blogging is literally just editing text files locally. Nothing More.

The Dropbox Markdown Services, Too Complex

I tried some Dropbox blogging service like and, but both of them require the Pressing the Rediculous Button for syncing and publishing and it is really breaking the simplicity of using Dropbox and markdown for blogging. It was the deal breaker.

Github pages are good and nice, you even get free hosting and every change(commit) is backed up. But think again, do you really want to do git commit and git push everytime you want to post or even just a small correction? Even worse, when you want to post elsewhere, you have to git pull first. Not to mention the Git experience on Mobile Devices. It is just too much for simplest blogging.

The Simplest Workflow

This is really the simplest I can ever think of, blogging by editing files.

  1. Create a Markdown file in the Dropbox folder. Write you post use your favorite editor in Markdown, the simplicity is self-explanatory.

  2. Save it! Save it and it will be synced to the Server thanks to Dropbox. THAT’S IT! Really that’s it, nothing more.

The Background

After the Markdown file was synced on the server, incrontab which is watching for changes will trigger Jekyll to compile and generate the new static site, which is served by Nginx. So it is online. And the process is fully automated.


  1. Here the tricky part is really making sure that the cron job run correctly. For debugging incrontab use incrond -n

  2. UTF-8 [🍔] comes also not out of the box, when it comes to incrontab, you have to write a shell script and declare the environment variables before executing Jekyll commands.

Mobile Blogging

So you can imaging that it is even possible to write and publish posts on a mobile device. Yes, Dropbox is everywhere you are, and so are you posts. If you found a typo on your mobile device, just edit the file in you Dropbox folder and the correct version will be published when you save it. It is for me personally amazing.

Now finally, I can post by just editing a file in the Dropbox folder with a normal text editor and 3 seconds later or even less, it’s online! I think it is the simplest way already.

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